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    your garage door easily
    Garage door Service Edgewood invites you to get a glimpse in our online gallery
    so you can see their huge catalogue of domestic, business, industrial and agricultural
    garage door and complements you have to your choice. You will find many view doors
    and window styles, models, patterns and colors on that section.
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    Garage Doors
    We know that purchasing a new garage door is not an easy decision to make,
    because there is a lot of money on the game and because it’s a long time goody
    of your house. Edgewood Garage Doors is here to make sure you take the right
    step offering you their services for anything you need. There are lots to choose
    from our selection, and if you can't find what you are looking for, we have what is
    needed to design your dream garage door with based on the big selection of doors
    and window styles, hardware, models, dimensions, model patterns, colors and
    accessories we actually have.
  • Edgewood Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Call Edgewood Garage Doors and our team will repair
    that broken garage door. We will be able to repair your
    door if is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed
    we making it work as it were brand new.
Garage Door Service in Edgewood: (253) 880-1815

Garage Door Service Edgewood

Installment of a New Door

To know more about our huge variety in materials and styles for garage doors, come visit us at our local store and let us bring your dreamed garage door come true.

Garage Door Edgewood

New Opener Installation

At Edgewood Garage Doors our professionals are famous for installing the latest garage door openers for the gates of your home. In case you need it, we have remote systems and wireless access control systems are in our inventory as well as chain driven, belt driven and shaft driven openers available for you.

Garage Door Service Edgewood

Garage Door Repair Edgewood

If you are having any problem with your garage door, the rails, opener, remote or access control system, we have a 24/7 garage door repair service available in Edgewood. Make sure you call as soon as possible.

Edgewood Garage Doors

Edgewood Garage Doors will get you a free quote as soon as we know all the details of your problem. Don’t hesitate If you want to get the most experienced working men, specialized in garage door services in Edgewood. We offer from new garage doors, to repairs and services including installation. The most talented individuals take place in our team, and in a very quick amount time, they will service, fix or install a new garage door for you. Get on line or come visit us at our offices to know more about our large selections in garage door models, materials, styles, garage door openers, rail systems, remotes and our specialized systems focused to business or industrial premises. We care about you and your family’s security, privacy and comfort. Having that in thought, we can assure you will feel completely secure with our highly automated and reliable garage doors. Edgewood garage doors leads the market with a huge inventory in the latest automated garage door opener systems, styles, materials and the best security choices for your garage.

If your garage door looks boring and lifeless, or it’s time to replace your rail system, call Edgewood Garage Doors, because we are the company that experienced enough to replace any door, repair any springs, replace frayed cables, or put your doors back on track. Also with new remotes also.

We can suit to your specific and single needs here in Edgewood Garage Doors. We manufacture and give regular maintenance to your garage doors. Customer satisfaction comes first and we are devoted to put a smile of satisfaction onto every client face even the most exigent ones.

Our wide variety of durable materials and fair prices help you make a wise decision balanced with your economic situation. In Edgewood Garage Doors, we are manufacturers.

All of the products you purchase and all the services provided by our company come with a full warranty, free of charges, covering you with a complete repair of any problem you could experience once your new doors are installed.

We deal with only the most well-known garage door producers in the country providing high-quality materials for garage. Don’t worry about quality or style; we have your back with our great selection of wooden doors that offer that classic look and patterns most people want. Our steel or aluminum doors will give you great flexibility if you are worried about weight or resistance, or even both. They are also lightweight enough to have small, but efficient garage door openers.

We have doors that feature thermal resistance and insulation. We fit our work with the minimum insulation levels recommended for most homes. Our experts can give an inspection to your house or business premise and give you advice with detailed information about requirements for closure and insulation. Listen to our experts in garage door installation we have available materials, opener system, installation costs, and preventive services. When purchasing your next garage door, take the right decisions and save money with us.

Garage Door Service in Edgewood

We are…

Edgewood Garage Doors, experts well aware of all the latest types of garage door technologies in the market, putting in your hands a team with the experience and knowledge to get all jobs done. We are devoted to our community, making Edgewood a safer and better city to live in.


We use only the latest materials available in the market. So, we are well known in when it comes to install classy and beautiful wooden doors or even resistant and lighter steel doors. We have also available lighter materials such as aluminum and fiber.


Our experience in thermal insulation do the talk for us. We can modify doors can to be suit any insulation materials and guarantee maximum thermal containment.


We provide all types of openers for your garage doors. From the silent belt driven openers to the strongest chain driven openers. They all can lift even the heaviest garage door.  If there is unusual situation, like there is no power, we have some power suppliers, available for you.

Affordable Service

We make sure you only install and pay what is needed, always at reasonable prices.

Reliable Services

We know your time is crucial l. We will be there on the dot to solve the problem in no time.

Professional Services

Our experts are completely talented for the job.

Clients Testimonials

  • Paul Samson

    Our prayers were answered with Edgewood Garage Doors. The installation of our brand new garage door opener was quickly and properly. I’m very impressed.

  • Claudia Mercado

    They came, they did the job and they left in just a few minutes. 100% recommended.

  • Matthew Mc Kelley

    I tried to fix my garage door opener myself and I got frustrated, so I called them and they solve my problems faster than I thought.

Our Basic Services

All the services related to garage doors, no matter if it is for your house or commercial, Edgewood Garage Doors is here to provide it. We always work with the highest levels of ethics and professionalism, avoiding you more calls than needed to solve your problem. We have three main domains:

Garage Door Repair Edgewood

Edgewood Garage Door Installation

We are able to install any size or type of garage door. Take a look to our materials, styles and systems by just visiting us. Based on your needs we can start the installations of openers with affordable prices, Plus,  access control systems, remote controls and photocells available for installation right now.

Edgewood Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Don’t let your garage doors get jammed or broken. To keep your gates working the right way, we offer scheduled garage door services any day of the year. All we want is peace of mind for our customers. We want you to save money and time.

Edgewood Garage Door services

Garage Door Repair Edgewood

Don’t you have time to do the garage doors repairs? We have an express repair service. They are able to fix openers, broken springs and doors that got off of their tracks. We guarantee a well done job because we always use the best tools in the market.

Garage Door Service Edgewood

A  Cutting Edge Garage Door novelty

Stop wasting money and time. Fill the form shown below or use the phone number located at your right side, contact our staff and our professionals will be happy solve all your troubles. Also, we will send you a transparent quote containing all of your requirements as soon as we get the details of the work you are asking us to do.

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