Broken Springs

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Garage door broken spring Edgewood

If you have problems with your domestic or business garage door springs or if you are afraid of getting your fingers pinched; get rid of those worries with Edgewood Garage Door Repair and our different garage door services for warehouse or underground garage. We love to repair broken springs because it is too easy for us at Edgewood Garage Door Repair, we in Edgewood Garage Door Repair are the meaning of garage door fixing.

Edgewood Garage Door Repair is fast in spring fixing. We can do minimum repairs but we can also change the way your garage door looks. We are the first option if you want to repair your garage door broken springs. You won’t have to worry about your springs anymore because we do the job as it must be done.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs in Edgewood

It is no secret that cheap sometimes cheap material and cheap replacements are use in this business. And we also know that these springs has a limited life time use. You will only use them for a period and after that the springs will start to fail.

You start to hear noises coming from the springs every time you open or close your garage doors. That means it’s time to replace them both even if it’s just one broken spring. Edgewood Garage Doors Repair will replace low cycle springs (these only last for 3 years), or you can choose a different option like the high cycle springs that way you’ll get rid of those noises for a very long time. Some companies says that it’s better a long life spring and you shouldn’t trust this. All springs have a cycle of life. Openening the garage doors knowing the springs are damaged can get the problem even worse. Let us do this job and take a rest, leave it in our hands, we are experts and we love to do it.

Extension Spring

 Extension Spring in Edgewood

These are used for small garage doors and they endure a bit longer than regular. Broken extension springs and damaged torsion spring will cause trouble. When you hear noises in the springs you know that replacement time has come for real. Springs will work with noises for a while but eventually they will break. It is important to change both springs at the same time. Contact us at Edgewood Garage Door Repair as soon as you detect there is a broken spring. We are the company trained to do the job in all Edgewood.

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