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New Garage Doors


We love to customize in Edgewood Garage Door Repair. We have many suppliers in common with many companies around Edgewood area. But none of those companies has the designing experience and the skills to build that gate you’ve been always dreaming of. The best designers, and the best manufacturers are working with us to ensure that what you ask is what you will get, always fitting to your requirements. Whatever you want, whatever you can imagine in garage doors we can bring it to life with our talented team (technicians, designers and manufactures. Steal, artistic welding, color matching, window fittings, master woodworkers all doors and materials are handled by us. Edgewood Garage Door Repair is the best in this business providing our clients with benefits and they feel proud. We have the style and color, we have the shape and hardware, we have all what is needed to give your garage door look fashion and that’s what makes a significant difference between Edgewood Garage Door Repair and other companies around.

New Garage Door Edgewood
Garage Door Edgewood

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Edgewood gives you this:

  • Wood, beautiful and versatile material that would make any garage door looks charming. We have them in almost any color because they are very easy to die.
  • Steel, also an excellent choice to provide timeless quality. They are strong enough to keep away the unwelcomed ones.
  • Aluminum may be lighter than steel, but it is very resistant to batter and easily fixable. They are more resistant to corrosion than steel doors too.
  • Fiber glass, its long duration and flexibility makes it famous.
  • Plastic garage doors were common in the last few years, is the lightest choice on the market. Edgewood Garage Door installation will provide all these options and more.

We make sure you get the door you want at the best price possible.

New Garage Door Edgewood
New Garage Door Edgewood


The look is very important for a garage door or gate, but make sure that nice looking door works properly. It makes no sense to have a beautiful garage door but you cannot open it. You may have a great piece of art that only worked just two days after installed or 15 minutes after you left, what will happen when you return home? Worry not my friend! Regardless of the time and situation we offer you a 100% full warranty. Edgewood Garage Door Repair we made a name by treating our customer the way we want to be treated. Our prize it’s your satisfaction smile. Call now to Edgewood Garage Door Repair to you will get  a free quote of a business or domestic garage door repairing, a garage door opener or a garage door servicing.

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Edgewood Garage Door
Garage Door Edgewood, WA

Shapes and Colors

Custom Wood Doors Design in Edgewood
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Garage Door Edgewood
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